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About Us

What Is Buff Bottle?

Buff Bottle is an 18 oz. Double Walled Stainless-Steel Vacuum Sealed Shaker Bottle, that will keep liquids at temperature for 24 hours. Our state-of-the-art whisk promises to mix all your powered drinks to perfection. With a Buff Bottle, you can keep your milk in the locker during your lift and whip up a nice cold protein milkshake! No more waiting until home or settling for water protein shakes. Buff Bottle is also unparalleled in strength and durability. This bottle has what it takes to keep up with your high intensity, athletic lifestyle. Dings, scratches and cracks are a thing of the past! Satisfaction guaranteed.​

Buying a Buff Bottle

Our Buff Bottles will be sold and shipped through Amazon. This will allow us to reach more customers with our products, quick and easy customer support, and guarantee fast shipping! 

We are excited for our product to hit the market and we're excited to see our customers share their experience and flex off their Buff Bottle! Follow our socials for the most up to date information.


Our Story

After our founder broke one too many bottles at the gym, she set out to create a bottle that would keep up with a high-intensity, athletic lifestyle. The bottle had to be high quality, extremely durable, and convenient. Buff Bottle was born. A Buff Bottle represents hard work and dedication - both in and out of the gym. Buff Bottle is more than a bottle. It's a lifestyle.

Our CEO/Founder

Sofia Herrera Oravec, CEO and Founder Buff Bottle
Sofia Herrera

Sofia Herrera is an avid powerlifter who enjoys a wide range of activities like yoga, road biking, and hiking. Sofia started Buff Bottle as a passion project to merge her interest in weightlifting and Web 3 solutions.

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