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  • Is Buff Bottle now hiring?
    Unfortunately, not yet! But we will be looking to expand very soon, so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter!
  • How do I buy a Buff Bottle?
    To purchase one of our bottles, you can either click on the purchase tab which will redirect you to Amazon. You can also go to and search up Buff Bottle!
  • When will I receive my Buff Bottle?
    First off congratulations on ordering your Buff Bottle! Amazon handles our shipping so if you have Amazon Prime it could be as soon as next day shipping! If not could be 1-3 Business days.
  • What happens if my Buff Bottle breaks?
    Oh no! Well accidents happen so we're proud to say that we do offer a 12 Month Base Warranty on all our bottles! We also have a special PROMO warranty when you show off your Buff Bottle on (IG, Twitter, TikTok or Facebook) this extends your Base Warranty by 24 Months! We got you covered!
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